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Alternative Investments: Art as Assets in Worldwide Practice

                                 Alternative Investments: Art as Assets in Worldwide Practice
  17 / 18th of December  2014,   Moscow, Russia
 Monarch City Center Hotel 5* 

The expected Audience of the conference is over 100 people from the leading companies in Russia, Europe, Asia.

MAIN ASPECTS  OF  the PROGRAMM:  Introducing New opportunities of Investment  as ART INVESTMENTs  based on Worldwide practice.  Presenting  perspectives in using  Art Investments  for  INVESTORS


10-00 -10-30  Introduction World by  Adviser of Minister of Economic of Moscow – А.M. Pavlov
10-35 – 11-15 Investment climate in Russia  SPEAKER: Mr.Vincen TRANI-Director of General Investment Company (Italy-Moscow-Swiss- Dubai)
11:20 – 12:00  Practice of 20th Century - Investment in Corporate Art by BANKS 
SPEAKER: Marketing Director of Deutch Bank (Moscow) Mr.Dmitry Agishev “Art At place as  strategy for corporate worldwide collections».                                                                                                        
12:00-12:30 Cofee- Break 

12:30- 14:00 Alternative Investments:  Art  Investment Fund as an alternative to Trust.                     SPEAKER: Director of TheFineArtFund (UK)- Mr.Philipp Hoffman                                                   14:00-14:20 Discussions  ( questions) Moderator of 1st Part: TV producer Mikhail Leontev    

14:20-15:10  Lunch - Look East: What Asian economic have to offer in terms of Investment- Eastern Market (Singapure, OAE)                    

15:20-16:00  Current economic situation In Asia   Mr.Marat Savelov- Director of Advisory Company CONFIDERI
16:00-16:40 Selling of Asia Art: statistic for ASIA ART sales and returns                                           SPEAKERS:  Mr.Mikhail Kamensky- Director of  Auction House SOTHEBYs/Oxana Smirnova-Specialist of Philipps auction house.
16:40- 17:30  From Private Collection to Museum: Faberge  by V.Vikselberg/ Russian Renaissance museum by B.Mints
17:30- 18:30 Russian Art as investment:  Planning of Art returns -SPEAKERs: Katerina MacDougalls -Director of Russian Art Auction house MacDougall's (UK)                                           
18:30 – 19:00 - Discussions  ( questions)  Moderator of 2st Part: Forbes Magazine Observer - Alexander Levinsky
19:00 – 19:30 –Vine degustation presented by  Fine Wine Experts Ltd.         

19:31 - 21:00   – Dinner

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